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How To Check Your Teen's Credit Score and Protect Your Teen's Identity.

How To Check Your Teen's Credit Score and Protect Your Teen’s Identity.

Identity thieves and scammers aren’t known for having scruples or morals. Stealing your teen’s identity (and wrecking their credit) is a real possibility for them. Here are some signs your teen’s identity might have been stolen:

  • Your teen gets calls from collection agencies

  • Your teen receives bills or credit cards

  • Your teen gets pre-approved credit card applications

  • Your teen’s bank account application is denied because of poor credit

Yikes! As a general rule, if a teen under 18 has a credit report at all, that’s not a good sign. To check to see if your teen has a credit rating (and thus, if their identity has potentially been stolen), check with the following three credit bureaus:

If your teen is a victim of identity theft, alert all three agencies, file a police report and file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. You should also contact the Identity Theft Resource Center at 888-400-5530.

We take your security (and your teen’s) seriously. Check out our page on Identity Theft to see how to protect your identity - and what to do if you think it has been stolen.