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Treasury Services

Equip your business with tools proven to increase efficiency and your business’ processing power. From AutoPay management, to credit card processing and electronic check services, our treasury services are here to make your job a little bit easier. And with our new smart phone app, you can monitor accounts, transfer funds, and access the rest of our online banking services.

Merchant Services

Our range of electronic merchant services gives you complete and convenient control of your transactions. Our versatile credit card processing services are competitively priced, and feature 24/7 technical support and web-based processing.

Enhance your security and protect against loss with check guarantee services. Eliminate the possibility for bad checks, returned item fees, and time-consuming paper claims by running checks through a check imager. Checks are processed like a credit card transaction and funds are instantly guaranteed for deposit.

Custom gift cards featuring your branding are proven to increase promotional awareness, generate customer loyalty, and increase spending. Our gift card services include 24/7 customer support, web-based real time reporting, and easy issuance and redemption.

Contact us for a free credit card processing services pricing analysis and to learn how our check guarantee services and gift cards can protect and promote your business.

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Business Online Banking

Cash Management
Cash management is an easier way to pay your employees and auto-debit customers. Electronic payments eliminate check fees, credit card fees, and postage, and make automatic and recurring payments even more efficient. Mabrey Bank cash management can be tailored to fit any business, no matter the size, and includes sophisticated security measures and reporting to help protect your business from fraud.

Positive Pay
Prevent check fraud with an electronic record of your issued checks. Each check from your company that is presented for payment is cross-referenced with your list of issued checks. You will be contacted with discrepancies to determine if non-matching checks are legitimate.

Remote Deposit
Save trips to the local bank by scanning and submitting your checks electronically. Plus, receive customized reporting and images of all deposited checks.

Streamline your accounts receivable collection, processing, and viewing with our lockbox services. Your documents are collected from your lockbox multiple times each day, processed into your account for rapid update of your receivables system, and provided for easy and organized online viewing via your secure digital lockbox.

Sweep Account Services

Link your daily operating account to an interest bearing account. Cash in excess of your selected target amount is transferred to your interest bearing account to maximize the earning potential. Conversely, protect against overdraft with automatic sweeping of funds into your checking account if your cash falls below your target.

Loan Manager
Minimize your borrowing expenses with a Loan Manager sweep account. Transactions are totaled as each business day closes; excess or outstanding funds determine whether Loan Manager will advance or pay down your revolving line of credit.

Zero Balance Account
Enjoy convenient and consolidated disbursement authority and minimal monitoring by maintaining a zero balance in daily business accounts, and by enabling them to automatically transfer funds for all transactions to and from a central master account.